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Don't you deserve the smile you've always wanted?
Don't your children deserve to grow up with the benefits of straight and aligned teeth?

Some of the common myths about braces are that you can be 'too old' for braces, and that they are obvious and unattractive. These myths couldn't be further from the truth! Nobody is ever too old to have an attractive smile for the rest of his or her life. Technology has done wonderful things for braces, and the bulky 'metal mouth' braces of the past are no more. Today's braces are available in fun colors for kids, clear for adults, and in some cases they aren't necessary at all; all that is required is a removable retainer.

If you have ever considered braces, it certainly can't hurt to come in for your free consultation and see what my team and I can offer you.

When is it Time for You or Your Child to Consider Braces?

The simple answer is that it is best to see an orthodontist as soon as possible after suspecting that either you or your child requires braces. The recommended age for children to first see an orthodontist is seven years of age, although some seek advice from specialists when children are even younger.

Some serious signs and symptoms might include:

• An unusual facial profile
• Sucking on thumbs or fingers
• Overlapping and crowded teeth
• Missing permanent teeth
• Over-bite or under-bite
• Spaces between the teeth
• Protruding upper front teeth
• Mouth breathing

What Are the Benefits of Braces?

Contrary to popular belief, straight teeth are only ONE of the reasons to get braces. Teeth which are aligned properly are easier to clean, especially for children, which improves oral hygiene and dental health for the rest of their lives. Correcting the bite also reduces stress on the teeth, which prevents them from wearing down over the course of years. Finally, properly supported jaw bones and jaw joints decrease oral pain and suffering, both in children and adults.

Keep in mind that most orthodontic treatments with braces take between 18 and 24 months. If you'd like to have a brand new smile sooner rather than later to show off in Eunice, LA, it's a great time to come visit us for your free braces consultation.

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